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The Pony Boys Race - SHQ
Boot SlutMean Amazon Bitches.com Where Voluptuous round women smother helpless little wimps into submission
Alluring cutie combined with a cold heart is just what this dogboy needs to be put in his place. This domme puts her dog thru the ringer till he is barking for mercy.Strict and cool lady boss penalizing the office manager for poorly done work
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The Office Xmas PartyJohn Jammin is no stranger to Divine Bitches. He's worked for the site, but he's never had the chance to experience being put in his place and giving a divine bitch the proper worship and submission she deserves. 

Divine Bitches' Queen Bee Maitresse Madeline matches the virgin plaything to the experienced and cruel Mistress Bobbi Starr. John is not only expected to carry out her wishes without reservation, he's also to worship the ground she walks on. But then again, that's true of any Divine Bitch John encounters now.

With his arms tied behind his back, Bobbi begins John's lessons in servitude by humiliating him with bright, red lipstick, a proper shade of whore rouge for John's new calling, while he smells, licks and learns to love Bobbi's feet and shoes.

But simple humiliation is not enough for Bobbi. Tied over a saw horse, John's ass is violated by Bobbi's strap-on. She laughs as he grits his teeth in agony, but his ordeal's just begun. She does some cock and ball play with clothes pins. She also has John quiver with the anticipation of a zipper, which she pulls as he's being fucked hard like the bitch he is.

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Mean Amazon Bitches.com Where Voluptuous round women smother helpless little wimps into submissionHis struggle to get out leads to a devastating outcome for the sub.Meanbitches

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Dominatrix Cruz has an itch for some fresh blood.  Does Sky fit the bill?  Let's have a glance:

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Will he keep his pathetic knob nice and rigid for his Mistress to slap, suck, fuck, whip, tease and rail till her pussy gets it's fill of new meat for the day?   Let's find out...Mean Dungeon.comElise Graves stars in one of her first roles as Dom. She uses various sized sounds and shoves them down her victims urethra. She determines to witness how much he can take and grips the large stimulating sound. After a long sensual and teasing sesh, the marionette gets off and finishes off solely from the sensation of the vibing sound in his dick.  This is the hottest sound video we have seen, much less shot!
Mean Amazon Bitches.com Where Voluptuous round women smother helpless little wimps into submissionTeasing The PrisonerMean Amazon Bitches.com Where Voluptuous round women smother helpless little wimps into submission
Anal StretchingMean Dungeon.comMeanbitches

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