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The Office Xmas Partycock bondage for orgasm denial femdomVictoria's Foot Slut
Mistress Liza is coming up to her slave with a lash in her handsFeet Femdom Pictures
Slave washes and massages two ladies' feetMIP snares John Stagliano of the  Evil Angel Empire to direct a shoot at the Armory.   Two big beautiful asses, one hard dicked masochist, a HiDef video cam on the side, and a whole milk chaser in an enema bag are the fare of the day for the Buttman.

Stagliano is cited as creating the gonzo style, and we are believers after witnessing his up her ass camera chops.

Ass enemas, ass worship, ass licking and filthy ass pain pig Wolf Hudson make a big fucking mess in the upstairs bathroom, and we shoot the whole episode to document the damage.Team YellowCheyenne JewelHt: 5'5
John Jammin is no stranger to Divine Bitches. He's worked for the site, but he's never had the chance to experience being put in his place and giving a divine bitch the proper worship and submission she deserves. 

Divine Bitches' Queen Bee Maitresse Madeline matches the virgin plaything to the experienced and cruel Mistress Bobbi Starr. John is not only expected to carry out her wishes without reservation, he's also to worship the ground she walks on. But then again, that's true of any Divine Bitch John encounters now.

With his arms tied behind his back, Bobbi begins John's lessons in servitude by humiliating him with bright, red lipstick, a proper shade of whore rouge for John's new calling, while he smells, licks and learns to love Bobbi's feet and shoes.

But simple humiliation is not enough for Bobbi. Tied over a saw horse, John's ass is violated by Bobbi's strap-on. She laughs as he grits his teeth in agony, but his ordeal's just begun. She does some cock and ball play with clothes pins. She also has John quiver with the anticipation of a zipper, which she pulls as he's being fucked hard like the bitch he is.

To be fair, John did not come to world of the Divine Bitches expecting anything less than the ordeal he received. He did not come expecting any pleasure for his first time, at least, not until he proves himself to the divine bitches. Bobbi's last test to prove his worth is smothering his face with her ass and pussy, allowing him to take in her scent. Though Bobbi is charitable for a moment, she dons his face with a far superior cock fucks John's face until it makes her cum. 

The agony of being able to only look, but not touch, Bobbi's perfect pussy and flawless asshole drives John over the edge and he blows his load TWICE!
Muscular gal shows offThe Pony Boys Race - SHQRough milf and her younger dominant apprentice ready to squash slave's nuts
MeanbitchesThe Weekend Pt8 - Garden Party Whipping

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Nice girl Dasha teases her boy by sucking cock and licking his ballsfemdom and cock and ball tortureMetal Stiletto
When the need for a house gimp came up, I looked to Miss Delilah Strong to train one.  She is a very tough and experienced player, and she recently starting domming for the company.In her first MIP shoot she shows amazing drive and initiative in drilling our measly worm boy to his knees where he belongs.Once he is taken down a peg, she teaches him the proper way to fuck and suck a woman through strict and painful lessons that he will not soon forget.The cock in her hands starts throbbing with the first touch as the rouch forced masturbation of the tempting dame is not going to wait for your train to come.

Bryn Blayne 
The Law
HT: 5'5
WT: 125lbs
Season record (0-1) 
Lifetime record (0-1)

The Honey Badger
HT: 5'6
WT: 135lbs
Season record (1-2) 
Lifetime record (2-7)

Bryn Blayne is back.  In her first match the Champion Ariel X destroyed her physically, mentally and sexually.  Did this cause Bryn to break down, cry and run home to mommy?  No fucking way.  Bryn hit the gym, got outside training and came back stronger, faster, and better.  If you cannot take a brutal loss in your first match and bounce back better the next time, you have no business being in Ultimate Surrender.

Holly Heart has probably had the toughest matches of any wrestler.  This fitness model is asked to take on the biggest, strongest and best this site has to offer.  She never backs down, she never gives in, she always fights hard.  Every wrestler should look to Holly for inspiration. 

Ranked 6th vs 7th.  This close match up did not disappoint.  Brutal non-scripted wrestling at its best.  Both wrestlers were exhausted, leaving it all on the mat.  One wrestler lost and got brutally fucked and humiliated in RD4. The other grabbed a well deserved win!
classic femdom cbt latest free picsThe mail is late for the last time.  Beautiful Aiden starr brings her vicous personality and gorgeous tits to the mail room to get to the bottom of things.Sz is new, but not new to sucking up to the boss.  When she beats his ass with a heavy wooden paddle, it looks like he is going to loose it.  But, the anticipation of the beautiful dominatrix banging his ass with her strap-on keeps him in the game long enough to satisfy the hot, demanding bitch.
Scolded & Smothered... our mistress brings the electric clippers into the bathroom and shaves the man’s head over the toilet.

The Moon
HT: 5'1
WT: 125lbs
Season record (1-0) 
Lifetime record (1-2)

The Leopard
HT: 5'7
WT: 145lbs
Season record (0-0) 
Lifetime record (0-0)

With the loss of 3 elite wrestlers this season, we are grooming what we hope is the next generation of talent.  Mahina is one that we hope can step up to the next level.  She loves this sport, she trains off the mat and takes wresting very seriously.  The same behavior we have seen in past elites.

Welcome Sofia Lauryn to Ultimate Surrender.  Sofia is making the jump from Kink Live cam girl to wrestler.  Sophia is tall, strong, and solid, a bit of a bully.  She thinks her size and strength can win the day.  She will soon find out that experience trumps size and weight any day.

Mahina gave up 6 inches and 20 lbs.  Her experience and training off the mat was the difference in this match up.  Sofia was determined not to give in or up for even a second.  Even when Mahina got fingers up inside Sophia, she never gave into it.  Sofia found out the hard way what RD 4 is like on Ultimate Surrender - a lesson she will not soon forget.

Ultimate Surrender is a real, non-scripted, dangerous sport.  Any girl who gets on this mat deserves our respect and admiration.  They are the elite of the porn industry the toughest of the tough.Baronessa Carmen Di Rivera is a guest at a sex shop in Finland.naked men in pain femdomMean Amazon Where Voluptuous round women smother helpless little wimps into submission

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Mistress Asya sits on his face and plays with his cock by her crop and forces him to jerk offBoot SlutCute and lecherous mistress in pantyhose subjugating her resigned boyfriend.
Humble motherfucker licks the soles of his mistresss shoes clean before switching on to her bare feet
Slave is getting the punishment from his pretty mistressWelcome to Tag Team Tuesdays. Totally non-scripted, all in front of a live audience, all broadcast live to members. Today's update is RD 3 of 4. This was January's live match, now edited for your enjoyment!What happened in this Round cannot be described by words!  You will have to watch & you still might not believe.

Best Femdom Porn - Femdom Husband Publicly Disgraced Porn

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