MIP snares John Stagliano of the  Evil Angel Empire to direct a shoot at the Armory.   Two big beautiful asses, one hard dicked masochist, a HiDef video cam on the side, and a whole milk chaser in an enema bag are the fare of the day for the Buttman.

Stagliano is cited as creating the gonzo style, and we are believers after witnessing his up her ass camera chops.

Ass enemas, ass worship, ass licking and filthy ass pain pig Wolf Hudson make a big fucking mess in the upstairs bathroom, and we shoot the whole episode to document the damage.
classic femdom cbt latest free picsNice girl Dasha teases her boy by sucking cock and licking his balls
Mean Amazon Bitches.com Where Voluptuous round women smother helpless little wimps into submissionWhen Aiden Starr wants to get fucked you either agree to play her way or you take a hike! This tiny temptress has zero tolerance for those who don\'t play by her rules. 

After a hot and steamy date with a new fling, Aiden is ready and willing to get down. Little does this new beau know Aiden has her slave cuck waiting in a cage in the basement begging to be used and abused. She makes unexpected man stand in the back while she shows him what kind of kinky sex she\'s really into. She verbally humiliates her slave and beats him into submission. In chastity, he knows he has no chance of ever feeling the heavenly pleasure of her dripping wet pussy. 

While putting her basement slave in his place by aggressively fucking his ass, the hypnotic smell of her body fills the air of the basement which puts both these men under Aiden\'s power. She make her bitch boy prepare the cock of her date so that it\'s nice and hard and ready to please her just the way she wants it. 

Finally, she ties her cuck down just right so that she can straddle his face and give him a hot and sweaty front row seat this memorable performance of how to properly fuck a woman.
Mistress redresses a submissive woman in bondage before next sessionSlave washes and massages two ladies\' feetbest femdom hentai hardcore pics

HT: 5\'9
WT: 124lbs
Season record (1-0) 
Lifetime record (4-4)

The Serpent
HT: 5\'6
WT: 145lbs
Season record (0-0) 
Lifetime record (0-0)

Rain DeGrey is back for her second match up of the season.  She has turned into a bit of a bully on the mat.  What she does to this poor rookie is proof of that.  Everyone loves to hate a bully.  More importantly, everyone likes to see a bully get their ass kicked. 

Welcome Eden Coxxx to the Ultimate Surrender mat.  This Kink Live Cam Girl decided to give wrestling a run.  Eden is big, strong and knows she can kick ass on the street or in a bar.  But the mat has rules, and once you\'re on the mat, experience is king. 

Rain brutally dominates from the start.  Verbally taunting our hapless rookie and destroying her with crushing leg scissors, head locks and grapevines.  Eden suffers though several horrific submission attempts.  Rain is relentless in her taunting as she physically dominates and humiliates the poor rookie.  Ultimate Surrender is a place for warriors, and Rain has earned her place.Mistress Liza is coming up to her slave with a lash in her handsYou will see some very nice tits in this one, but the bigger thrill is watching this man abused by two women.Mistress Danielle in action in Plugged
Liza\'s Leather HandjobAct like an ass in a club and you may get what you you are asking for: an ass kicking by Annie Cruz.Miss Cruz is petite but able to subdue this jackass, then drag him back to her basement to really fuck with him.  She hangs him upside down and beats him till he stammers out a weak apology, then he gets it in the ass for his trouble.  The reward, however, is the chance to service that beautiful pussy.  There are worse ways to learn a lesson.Doggy boy lives through an extended humiliation session and gets trampled

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Divine Bitch: Mistress Dragonlily
Slave: Scout
One last mistress and Scout is on his way to Maitresse! Dragonlily is sensationally sexy in this episode humiliating Scout about his inadequate penis and teasing and denying him in his chastity belt. The tough bondage, spanking and whipping, strap-on ass fucking are all hot but when Dragonlily desires an orgasm she teases Scout to complete frustration where he actually believes he is going to cum in his chastity belt without any stimulation at all!  
Tune in to Scout\'s last day in training and see what Maitresse Madeline has in store for him!
Maitresse\'s Evaluation
stimulation with pain
stimulate cock in belt while receiving pain
give up control
tease and denial
for amsument

Closing assessment
cock retreats from pain
nervous from mummification
possible removal of chastity for final training day
Suck My StraponDeviantDavid.com
Lazy Maid PunishedTwo leggy amateurs squat down on dude\'s face by turns and keep sucking his hard cockSexy Anastasia Pierce punishes her insolent male submissive partner with a good dose of wax dripping



Feminization (also known as sisification) is used to describe the practice in female dominance of switching the gender role of a male submissive. This emasculation may be coupled with punishments such as spanking or caning to gain cooperation and heighten submission of submissive male.

If I haven\'t already pushed your buttons then this one is going to take you over the edge. This shoot is a total departure from anything you\'ve ever seen. Imagine with me for a moment if I challenged your manhood in such a way that your ego was slowly peeled away and all that was left was a memory of what used to be and in place was a perfect little sissy slut ready to serve anyone and everybody on a whim. I skillfully and erotically do this to Will, a rough and tough guy from New Jersey. He walks in as Will and leaves as Ginger. In between what transpires is a humiliating yet arousing transformation into the world of feminization and sissification filled with OTK spanking in panties, silky sensual stockings, erotic humiliation, messy cummy panties, heavy strap-on ass pounding and one man\'s journey in true devotion willing to please his domme in ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING she desires.


Slave Ordeal Pt 1Horny young domina drags her feminized slave to the shower and empties her bladder into his mouthNever released on the Ultimate Surrender site, this match was only available as a Kink on Demand download up until now. Today, for the first time ever, members get this epic shoot as an update! Because this shoot\'s popularity and acclaim as a KOD were so massive, we had to take this shoot out of the archive and share it once again, this time on the U/S site for all the members! Now members get this legendary battle at no extra cost! Now members get to see a part of Ultimate Surrender history.Welcome to ROYAL MADNESS. The most ambitious, wrestling porn event ever filmed. Where 6 winners will fuck 6 losers in an epic orgy of rough, brutal sex! Two team Captains will take turns picking their wrestlers from a 10 girl pool. Playground rules until the last girl is picked. The teams are assigned colors and meet to work out a strategy. The Match starts with Team Blue putting the first girl on the mat. Team Red has 30 seconds to decide who will wrestle her. After the fight, Team Red puts a girl out and Team blue must decide who will wrestle. This repeats until all girls have wrestled.Each score is added to the overall team score, as the Captains use strategy to try and get the best match up on the mat for their team. In the end, the team with the overall highest score wins, and gets to brutally fuck the losing team in a massive 12 girl orgy gangbang.But that\'s not all. On top of over an hour of intense non-scripted wrestling and a 12 girl rough sex orgy, we have included tons of bonus material!  An extra 45 minutes of the orgy scene from 3 different camera angles!! Before and after wrestling, we have  behind the scenes footage with the wrestlers and out takes.
Humble motherfucker licks the soles of his mistressís shoes clean before switching on to her bare feetLorelei Lee fucks her slave boys ass then makes him sweep up!
Prisoner Pee DrinkerThe Office Xmas PartyLogan Vaughn attempts to impress Chanel Preston on his second day of training with the Divine Bitches. Chanel locks his puny little cock away in chastity, humiliates him and crushes his muscle man ego. Logan is spanked, caned and has balls tortured with a painful zipper. After all The Bitches need to find out what Logan is useful for and why they should keep him around. He\'s suspended in the air, has his ass penetrated with electricity then strap-on ass fucked still locked away in chastity. Chanel removes the belt and puts a cock crimper then cock smasher on Logan teasing him with her pussy, wet panties and delicious asshole. Chanel gets hers and Logan is desperate enough to think he\'s actually going to be let out to get his.ULTIMATE SURRENDER SEASON NINE!BERETTA JAMES Little PistolHT: 5\'5WT: 105lbsSeason record (1-3) Lifetime record (1-3)IONA GRACE Tenacious DDHT: 5\'3WT: 114lbsSeason record (2-1) Lifetime record (2-1)Two well matched wrestlers, close in weight and skill, take to the mat to find out who will rise in the rankings this week. Only one girl can win. Who wants it more? Who has trained harder? Will it be big tittied Iona Grace or tough hard bodied cougar Beretta James. As we approach the Summer Vengeance Tournament the stakes get higher, the wrestlers get hotter, and the pressure to win is ON!Wrestlers, WRESTLE!!!Bossy Ballet Teacher
Blonde bitch bad moodhentai foot fetishtwo japanese women spanking men

Divine Bitch: Ms. Kim
Slave: Dylan Deap
Dylan Deap officially starts his training with one of our newest Divine Bitches, Ms. Kim. Ms. Kim is always looking to replace her 24/7 slave at home. Does Dylan even stand a chance? Ms. Kim puts him through the paces in challenging bondage, cat-o-nine tails and cock bondage. She even makes him cattle prod his own balls multiple times to prove his devotion. Dylan is fucked deep in the ass in suspension bondage then used for Ms. Kim\'s pleasure. She does foot and stocking tease, small penis humiliation, rubs his tied up cock on her pussy and denies him access. Don\'t worry Ms. Kim still gets off but only while Dylan is so close to Ms. Kim\'s pussy yet so far away. DENIED ACCESS! 
Dylan has just begun. Return to Divine Bitches to see how his fate unfolds with the next Divine Bitch!
Maitresse\'s Evaluation

prove devotion
conquer the cattle prod

intense anal training
strap-on in suspension bondage 

disregard his personality with use of hoods

Closing assessment

pain slut
anal training promising
continue training as an object
cock proved to be useless
train mouth for pleasure

When the need for a house gimp came up, I looked to Miss Delilah Strong to train one.  She is a very tough and experienced player, and she recently starting domming for the company.In her first MIP shoot she shows amazing drive and initiative in drilling our measly worm boy to his knees where he belongs.Once he is taken down a peg, she teaches him the proper way to fuck and suck a woman through strict and painful lessons that he will not soon forget.Smokin\' Hot Tubfantasy first time forced strapon

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Femdom Facesitting ArtGirl sits down onto her partner\'s face and fucks his throat with strap-onMetal StilettoSexy dommes punishing submissive males artworksMeanbitchesRussian mistress almost squashes yelling slave\'s dick with her high heels
Tease Academyhentai femdom slaveParker London may be a sight for sore eyes but does he have what it takes to be a sex slave to over 40 women? Maitresse Madeline\'s birthday party is around the corner and Parker is trained by Bobbi Starr on how to serve a room full of ravenous horny women! Bobbi woman handles his sexy oiled up body spanking, punishment and CBT are all on her agenda. She makes him choose between pain and pleasure then ties him to the wide receiver fucking his ass in a humiliating doggie style. He\'s then tied spread eagle and made to stay hard for as long as Bobbi pleases while she comes multiple times on his pleasure slave cock. Parker is brought to the brink of orgasm and made to beg desperately to cum. Will Parker please all the horny women at Maitresse\'s birthday party? Tune in LIVE on August 26th @ 7pm on DivineBitches.com to find out!
She pushes him onto the couch, legs spread, balls prepped for a series of swift knee busts. She pushes him down, smashing her feet down on his balls, making him seizure in pain.Slave Cock For Two

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